HVACDirect Review (2021)

HVACDirect.com is one of the most trusted names in the HVAC industry. They sell affordable heating and cooling systems designed for residential and work use. HVACDirect offers products that can optimize your HVAC system.

HVACDirect strives to educate its customers on how they can save money on their large home purchases. The company promises to never upsell to the customer, and it has programs that display the effects of an efficient HVAC unit on your energy bill. Its excellent customer service can help you with all of your HVAC troubles, and you can contact them directly on the website.

In this HVACDirect review, you will see how the business purchases millions of dollars worth of HVAC items yearly to sell at the lowest possible prices. The staff does not significantly mark up the products to make a considerable profit. Instead, they choose to sell the best products for the most affordable prices.

The HVACDirect team wants to help their customers save thousands on their HVAC units. They recognize that most purchases come from the systems suddenly malfunctioning, so not all customers have the necessary funds for an expensive replacement at that time. HVACDirect.com does not want to drive you into debt: they want to help you.

Lastly, HVACDirect encourages their customers to spread the word about their services. They want to help everyone save between $1,500 and $5,000 on their HVAC system purchases. The staff believes that they have the best engineers, technicians, and resources to help every American home save money on their home necessities.

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What Does HVACDirect Sell?

HVACDirect sells various products to fulfill all of your HVAC system needs. Most of their items come from Goodman, but they make sure to source their units from the best HVAC manufacturers. 

This company sells cooling, heating, ductless mini-split, fireplace, outdoor, mobile home, and ventilation units. They also offer parts, tools, and financing advice. 

For their cooling products, HVACDirect sells the following:

  • Furnace systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Air conditioner condensers
  • Heat pump condensers
  • Packaged and rooftop units
  • PTAC units
  • Air handlers
  • Accessories

Their heating systems include:

  • Furnace systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Standard and electric furnaces
  • Heat pump condensers
  • Packaged and rooftop units
  • Accessories

If you need maintenance for your existing HVAC system, you can purchase replacement parts and tools. They sell parts from Carrier, Trane, Diversitech, Navac, Rectorseal, and Goodman, and general HVAC tools.

Advantages of HVACDirect

HVACDirect ensures they source their products from highly-rated manufacturers, and their ratings prove customer satisfaction. Their website boasts thousands of five-star reviews, and 97% of customers that buy from HVACDirect.com have given a four- or five-star rating.

HVACDirect’s ductless mini-split systems are more efficient than central split systems, boasting higher SEER ratings that can drastically reduce your energy bills. You can keep different zones in your house at different temperatures, letting you control the climate in each room separately. 

Since they are ductless, you can avoid ductwork by using a copper line to run the refrigerant to indoor units. You can place your air handler where you want, and it requires less maintenance. Lastly, they are quiet. You can choose between numerous mini-splits depending on your home.

Customer service from HVACDirect is extraordinarily accommodating. You can contact them directly on their website through their chat function or contact form or by phone or email. They respond quickly and will answer any question you have concerning their products.

Since they prioritize the customer’s finances, you can opt for financing through their partner Bread, which offers transparent terms, no-prepayment penalties, and fair rates. They offer affordable monthly payment plans, and you can apply in minutes. Also, you can rest assured that HVACDirect sells for the lowest prices they can. They buy directly from the manufacturer and sell for a minimal markup.

Lastly, HVACDirect has a YouTube channel where they display their products and provide information about how HVAC systems work.

For example, here is a video demonstrating how air handlers work and explaining their purpose. They have similar videos about water heaters, air conditioning units, furnaces, fireplaces, heat pumps, and just about any other HVAC product you might need.

Unique Features

HVACDirect has a 110% lowest price guarantee on their products, so you know you will purchase the best value items available.

They have a rebate center where you can find available rebates on specific area products. You can get thousands of dollars back on thousands of products that they sell. They have a quick system selector tool that lets you readily enter the system type you need, your residential region, and your house square footage to determine the best products for your needs.

You can find a sizing guide that pairs tons with the square footage of your home. Also, they have a system model number that corresponds to tons. The same page details a heating guide to determine the amount of BTU your heating unit can output. Their resources include various sizing calculators and guides for ductwork, commercially packaged unit air conditioning, and heating. They have a separate PDF for field duct sizing as well.

HVACDirect provides a guide for regional efficiency standards. They break them down for Northern, Southeastern, and Southwestern states, recommending the minimum SEER values for air conditioning and heat pumps and the minimum HSPF rating for heat pumps. 

You can also use their SEER savings calculator to determine how much you would save. The savings depend on the tonnage of your unit, the SEER ratings of your current and new systems, your electric rate, and the hours of unit operation. They offer resources on their website and YouTube channel explaining SEER ratings.

If you want a specific replacement part where the price is not listed, you can contact them using their part quote feature to figure out how to fix your pre-existing HVAC unit. HVACDirect does everything they can to ensure you have all the answers you need concerning your home heating and cooling system.

Directly on the HVACDirect website, you will find an information library that can answer plenty of your questions. They profile the brands they offer, explain the different systems, compare their products, and teach you how to save money on your HVAC unit.

Alternatives to HVACDirect

Online Alternatives

  • Heat & Cool
  • The AC Outlet
  • National Air Warehouse

Compared to these companies, the only department that HVACDirect lacks is free shipping. However, you can apply free shipping promotions to your orders if you live in the contiguous 48 United States. Despite having to pay for shipping, most of the products they sell are cheaper than their competitors. They all utilize the same suppliers, and HVACDirect has some of the lowest prices available.

HVACDirect also comes out on top because of their other services. No other website provides as much information concerning their products and HVAC systems in general. They sell from premium suppliers and offer items for your inside and outside environments. 

We have yet to find an HVAC supplier as committed to saving you money as HVACDirect.com.

Brick and Mortar Alternatives

The more traditional way of getting your HVAC equipment is through your local HVAC provider. Many of these are truly great businesses, but they don’t prioritize getting you the best price. In fact, it is common to take a service call and then upsell you into buying a new piece of equipment instead of fixing what you already have. 

Additionally, the markup on the new equipment can be exorbitant, which is why HVAC is proud of the fact that they save homeowners thousands of dollars on equipment. 

Frequently Asked Questions about HVACDirect

Below are some questions we came across when writing our HVACDirect review.

What Is HVACDirect?

HVACDirect is a vendor of HVAC products to meet your household or company needs. They offer the lowest prices for heating, cooling, ductless mini-splits, fireplaces, outdoor heating, mobile homes, ventilation systems, replacement parts, and repair tools. 

HVACDirect puts the customer first by purchasing their products directly from manufacturing facilities and reselling them for minimal profit. If you cannot afford to pay the full price at once, you can opt for one of their lenient financing plans to pay a small margin each month. They provide tons of free information on their website and YouTube channel to teach you about HVAC systems, and their customer service is readily accessible by chat, phone, and email.

Does HVACDirect Have a Physical Store?

No, HVACDirect does not have a brick-and-mortar store to visit. They operate entirely online, and their products ship from their Ohio and Georgia warehouses. HVACDirect orders from their suppliers in bulk and sends the products to you, minimizing the number of intermediaries who could potentially drive up the cost. 

By operating exclusively online, HVACDirect can serve more American homes and businesses to fulfill their HVAC requirements. However, you may need to pay shipping costs, detailed below.

Is HVACDirect Legit?

HVACDirect is a legit company. They have thousands of reviews praising their product quality, prices, options, customer service, and information. Their YouTube channel features real people who work for the company, and you can readily call them to talk to a human, not a bot. 

HVACDirect employees know the business and the HVAC industry. They genuinely want to help you find the cheapest products, going so far as to offer rebates for items purchased elsewhere.

What Services Does HVACDirect Offer?

HVACDirect offers educational, customer, and financing services. You can learn everything you want about HVAC on their website, their YouTube channel, or by contacting an employee directly. Furthermore, their team is highly responsive. You can get a hold of someone within a few minutes to answer any questions you have and get quotes on installation and replacement parts. 

They have several financing options that you can contact them about if you are in a situation where you cannot pay the full price at once. HVACDirect wants you to have a running HVAC system even if you’re in a tight spot financially.

Does HVACDirect Accept Coupons?

HVACDirect does accept coupons and promo codes. You can get money off your purchase or free shipping depending on which code you enter. Keep in mind that free shipping promotions only apply for the 48 continental United States.

Where Can I Find HVACDirect Reviews?

You can find HVACDirect reviews on their website, on ShopperApproved, and SiteJabber. All boast numerous gleaming reviews concerning their products and customer service, and they update almost daily.

Are There Any HVACDirect Complaints?

The Better Business Bureau does report a couple of HVACDirect complaints. HVACDirect charged one buyer again after canceling their order and sending a refund, and the other claimed that an employee had falsely accused them of a fraudulent ID. Some have also found cheaper units from competitor websites. HVACDirect quickly resolved the recharging issue and refunded the customer in full, and they offered a discount to the one with the identification problem.

Does HVACDirect Offer Free Shipping?

You can get free shipping from HVACDirect by utilizing a promotion within the 48 contiguous United States. They would ship their items within two business days of order unless back-ordered. The shipping cost depends on your product and location, and they offer a Lift Gate service for $35.

What Is HVACDirect’s Return Policy?

You can return unused merchandise within 60 days of shipment if they remain in their original condition. They might charge a 15% restocking fee on all returned products unless they sent you the wrong order or a defective item. Returning products for personal reasons could result in a partial refund that deducts the shipping costs, and you must return them in a resalable condition. You cannot return clearance and overstock items.

Does HVACDirect Offer Warranties?

HVACDirect does not directly provide warranties. You must first register your warranty after getting a licensed professional to install or inspect your system, and then they will provide a dated installation invoice. Some manufacturers require a product registration within the first 30 to 60 days after installation to offer the warranty. The warranty length depends on the manufacturer in most cases.

You can purchase warranty parts from HVACDirect if you bought the unit through their website and it is still under warranty. You must return the piece to them, buy the replacement, and they will refund you if they decide it qualifies. They do not provide labor warranties.


This HVACDirect.com review shows that this website offers affordable, high-quality HVAC products for Americans to enjoy. You can buy a myriad of heating and cooling items for the indoors and outdoors, and any stationary or mobile homes. Whatever your HVAC needs are, HVACDirect has something to offer. 

Even if you don’t opt for one of their products, they provide tons of free resources to learn more about your home, including its air conditioning and heating requirements. If you want to purchase from a company that honestly prioritizes customers and wants to sell them top-notch products for minimal profit, consider reaching out to HVACDirect. You can contact them for free to find out whatever you need to know about HVAC.

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